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Manapod GGG #2

Clinton continues the steady stream or red drafting.

Manapod GGG #1

Clinton guides through a triple gatecrash draft and we all learn a little something about Beckon Apparition.

Manapod DII #3

Clinton takes some time to learn how cards work.

Manapod MD5 #1

Clinton, Meech, Kevin, the Girls, and a Cat get together with promises of fun, only to experience an MD5 draft instead.

Manapod DII Draft #2

Clinton continues his exploration in self-loathing with a Dark Ascension/Innistrad Draft!

Manapod DII Draft #1

Clinton stitches together a draft deck in his first Dark Ascension/Innistrad draft.

Manapod DDD #3

Clinton tries the for team Edward in a triple dark ascension draft.

Manapod DDD #2

Clinton goes on the hunt for brains in another Triple-Dark-Ascension draft.

Manapod DDD #1

Clinton picks sides in the Team Jacob, Team Edward debate in a Triple Dark Ascension draft.

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