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Manapod Episode 6

Manapod Episode 6, where Dowse, Clinton, Mabie, and Craig get together to discuss Cards from Scars of Mirrodin -Myr Galvinizer -Grafted Exoskeleton -Infiltration Lens And the new spoiled cards from the upcoming set New Phyrexia, including: -The Splicer cycle -Lost Leonin -Shriek Raptor -Mind Culling -And more! Download Episode 6 Here

Manapod Episode 5

Manapod Episode 5, where Dowse, Craig, and Clinton get together to discuss: Card Strategies for Gore Vassal Vedalken Infuser Vivisection Assault Strobe Asceticism Pack 1 Pick 1 Strategies The future of infect in New Phyrexia Lifegain in Limited Draft Archetypes: Dinosaurs and Mill Download Episode 5 Here

Manapod Episode 4

Manapod Episode 4 where Dowse, Bryan Mabie, Clinton, and Craig get together to discuss: Card strategies for: Tine Shrike Strider Harness Miran Spy Accorder Paladin Memnite The value of: Spellbombs Koth and Glissa’s Couriers Pack 1 Pick 1 choices of: Burn the Impure, Anatomist, Go for the Throat, Bonehoard and Phyrexian Crusader, Into the Core […]

Manapod BSS Draft #1

Clinton walks through a Beseiged/Scars of Mirrodin Draft.

Manapod Episode 3

Manapod Episode 3, where Clinton, Dowse, Craig, and Erik get together to discuss: Draft Strategies for: Contested War Zone Crush  Cerebral Eruption Clone Shell Draft Scenarios: P1P1 Consecrated Sphinx, then 2nd pick bonehoard or anatomist Thoptor Assembly vs Phyrexian Rebirth Download Episode 3 Here

Manapod Episode 2

Manapod Episode 2, where we discuss: First Pack First Pick: Thrun, the Last Troll,  OR Into the Core Burn the Impure, OR Spread the Sickness, OR Divine Offering Piston Sledge OR Flayer Husk Argentum Armor,  Silverskin Armor, Banishment Decree, Steel Sabotage, Nested Ghoul, Magnetic Mine, Titan Forge, Darksteel Plate Infect vs. Pseudo Infect Draft Strategies […]

Manapod Episode 1

Manapod Episode 1, where we discuss draft strategies,  Pack 1 Pick 1 choices, and some spicy plays. Download Episode 1 Here

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