Manapod ALA #3

Clinton experiences the joys of flameblast dragon (hint, Clinton didn’t draft one).

Manapod ALA #2

Clinton returns with another Alara draft

Manapod ALA #1

Clinton revists the wonderful world of Alara

Manapod III #2

Clinton discovers the good decks in Innistrad limited, and more importantly, that they’re not the ones he’s playing.

Manapod III #1

Clinton, alone, faces the world of Innistrad, and presents the “Where’s Waldo?” of drafts. See if you can spot all the misplays!

Manapod TSF #1

Meech, Mabie, Kevin, Kitty, Burka, and Clinton got together for some good old fashioned Time Spiral drafting!

Manapod CHK #1

Dowse, Craig, Mabie, and Clinton get together for a return to Kamigawa block. That is to say, Mabie was happy to do some Kamigawa drafting, and he forced the rest of us along for the ride.

Manapod RRR #1

Clinton revisits the best draft format ever: Triple Rise of Eldrazi!

Manapod NNN#2

Clinton and Mabie walk through another triple New Phyrexia draft and discover an archetype that will never work again.

Manapod NNN Draft #1

Clinton takes us through a Triple New Phyrexia Pre-release draft online, and Mabie joins commentary for the games.

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